tuesday morning is time to assess the end of the week vegie box situation – more things will be coming home in the evening and it’s good to make sure there’s room! so this morning i chopped up onions, carrots, turnips, garlic and celery, threw them all in the slow cooker with water, coriander seeds and black peppercorns and turned it on low before i left for work. coming home tonight there was a beautiful, rich coloured stock waiting to be filtered, half for the freezer, half for dinner tonight.

i diluted the stock with more water, and brought it to boil with snow peas, corn fresh off the cob and sliced mushrooms. in another pot i boiled some pork and chive dumplings from the freezer, and when they were almost done i added a big tablespoon of white miso and 3 chopped spring onions to the soup mix. the dumplings were split between 2 bowls, and filled with the vegetable soup. sesame seeds sprinkled on top, and it’s all ready to go!

perfect for the rainy night outside, sitting on the couch slurping dumplings and tasty soup.

2 thoughts on “soup to nourish on a cold rainy night

  1. Hey Jessie,

    Unpacking my stuff from that’s been in storage in Amsterdam for years, I came across your zine what I cooked where, where I cooked what, and wanted to say hi!

    X Marlous, in the UK now

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