i’ve had my eyes on a 1kg packet of frozen wonton wrappers at au bon marche for the past few weeks; they’re 1500vatu and so its a big committment to make. then last saturday i was browsing the freezers at the chew store and found a kilo pack of wrappers for 700vatu – at half the price i had to buy them on the spot!

so tonight was the beginning of the wonton wrapper legacy. 1kg is a lot to get through…

tofu dumplings

– a carrot
– half a tin of baby corn
– a handful of snowpeas
– ginger
– garlic, and
– spring onions
in the food processor and make a coarse paste

fry the mixture in some sesame oil, adding a block of firm (but somehow silken*) tofu, mashing it up

add soy sauce and tabasco to taste

let the mixture cool, then assemble the dumplings. i’d say it is a personal preference, and i think that was obvious tonight. four people assembling dumplings = heaps of differently shaped tofu dumplings…

after steaming the dumplings i served them in a broth made from maggi stock found at the back of the cupboard, soy, sesame oil, spring onions and the other half of the tin of baby corn.

*it’s the only tofu we can buy here most of the time, the uht packet stuff that sits on a shelf and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. it claims to be firm but it’s so not.


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